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30 October 2020

Agua de Luna Llena. “Magia y Ritualidad”

Cargar agua con la luz de la Luna Llena, su magnetismo e información (sabiduria) disponible es uno de mis rituales preferidos. Desde que comencé a llevar un diario lunar a…
There will be a call DISCOVERING-YOUR-GIFTSEnergy
2 June 2020

Discovering your gifts

For many of us, the process of discovering our gifts, has started from a place where we felt lost and hopeless, a place where we found ourselves under a lot…
2 June 2020

The Mask & The True Self

From a spiritual perception, before being born we get to choose our parents, siblings, environment to come into the world, community to develop our selves, and many other conditions; under…
18 May 2020

Shamanic Astrology

Shamanism is a life path, in which the shaman is able to express the connection of the individual with everything all around: the elements, the stars, the moon, the sun,…

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Laura is a skilful shamanic practitioner whose gentle approach was just what I needed to give me the strength and courage to shift some long-standing issues. She is a wise soul with a huge amount of knowledge. I would describe her as hugely empathetic with an incredible ability to really listen and track to the root of that core wound. She has nurtured and supported me during my healing journey whilst also empowering me. My sessions with Laura were deep and profound and I highly recommend her for those who feel lost and ready to begin their epic healing adventure.

Emma Esdaile,United Kingdom

Laura’s calm, welcoming presence, as a Shamanic Coach, allows clients to feel completely at ease. With a deep knowledge base of nutrition, yoga, energy healing, meditation and behavioral modification/self-development, combined with insightful intuition, Laura inspires one to take personal responsibility towards maximizing their life experience.

Through the energy healing work that Laura offered me, she was able to “see” what obstacles were holding me back, and then provide valuable techniques that I could apply in my daily meditations. Because of her simple recommendations, I have experienced significant improvements in my spiritual practice.

I would highly recommend Laura for anyone seeking guidance with lifestyle behavior, energy healing, and spiritual growth.

Katie Van DornU.S.A

Laura has a subtle way of making you feel confident, as she supports you to open up, delicately and smoothly, her strong energetic presence made me feel guided and supported.
She was able to help me tune in and embody my own energy, soul and destiny.

The most significant change I have noticed is that I am confident on how to adjust and reinforce my energetic field, which brings a positive impact to my daily personal & professional life.
I sincerely recommend working with Laura.

Elizabeth MailleFrance

Llegue a consulta por una sintomatología física, y trabajar con Laura como guía y acompañante me ayudo a ver y entender la raíz de los episodios recurrentes y su relación con memorias que me causaban incomodidad a nivel físico, mental y emocional. A pesar de que el síntoma físico no desapareció durante las sesiones, justo al terminar el proceso se dejo de manifestar. Llevo 5 meses sin síntomas! Logre entender la “enfermedad” como un camino o herramienta para profundizar, fijar la atención y, eventualmente, resolver aspectos emocionales.

Laura brinda un acompañamiento ideal, su alma generosa y gentil habita un cuerpo con pies bien enraizados en la tierra, es una persona muy humana quién permanece flexible a seguir el camino que el proceso necesite.

Recomendaría su acompañamiento a todo aquel que siente el llamado a sanar.

Juliana DuranNew Zealand

Llegué a Lau por una linda coincidencia, buscaba claridad en algunos asuntos que no sabía como resolver y me encontré con una guía muy linda, que a través de diferentes herramientas, me ayudó a encontrar por mí misma las respuestas que estaba buscando.

Lo que más me gustó de Lau es su acercamiento Espiritual y Holístico, este me permitió conocer otras maneras de abordar mi vida, mucho más consciente 🙂

Natalia AvilaColombia

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