It’s my pleasure to welcome you to Sana con Amor, where Love meets it all.

My name is Laura Garzón, I was born in Colombia, and honoring my mother language (Spanish) this space is named Sana con Amor, which means to Heal by Love.

Loving Mission

When we open ourselves to experience unconditional love, life becomes a blissful experience. 

I feel Love as that energy that activates our human experience into an absolute Spiritual Bliss. Through Love we are able to walk the path of Healing, through love we can shape our worlds as we get to know ourselves, accepting and surrendering to our inner worlds; thoughts, emotions, beliefs, desires, fears, dreams and all inner stories that inhabit us.

I believe in the process of healing as Recognizing & Integrating, the lessons that our soul has come to learn. Love becomes that cosmic energy that inspires us to live from our Heart & Soul, always calling upon us, guiding us, and encouraging us to step into our Personal Responsibility.

I am certain that we all have come to enjoy the thrill-full journey of rediscovering our most innate nature so that we can follow our heart’s longings apropos of our Life Mission.

Love meets it all

More about Laura

My life journey has led me through a path of constant reinvention, teaching me the importance of embracing change and uncertainty.

Just like you, I have gone through hard times in my life, which have taught me the most valuable lessons.

Although now I choose to learn from Love in a much easier way.

Experiences like engaging in relationships were I wasn’t able to set healthy boundaries, overwhelming thoughts that lead to anxiety, over & restrictive eating in times of challenge as a way to cope with my emotions, and engaging in aggressive behavior patterns even with those I loved, where just some of the learning scenarios I chose before. This took place in my life when I wasn’t aware of my personal and unique gifts & talents, mainly because I didn’t know myself.

I had no idea how to change for good. And so my journey in the search for a spiritual path began, the more I navigated, the clearer the picture of my truth became. By the age of 18, my first call was to connect with my body through the practice of Yoga, then after meditation & self-development tools came along, by age 24 I underwent “An Initiation” which called me strongly into stepping into my Personal Responsibility.

Devoted to Love, I am committed to sharing my soul gifts with You!


Shamanic Energy Healer 
by The Four Winds

Shamanic Astrologer & Medicine Woman
by La Mujer Lunar

Integrative Health Coach
by IIN


Additional Qualifications

Rueda Medicinal
by Escuela Los Cuatro Caminos

Traditional Thai Massage
with Ata Baechler

Meditation Teacher
by Mujer Holística

RainbowKids Yoga
By RainbowKids

Pilates Trainer
by PilatesPro Colombia

400 Hours Yoga Alliance
Certified Yoga Teacher Trainning.

Munay-Ki Rites
by Escuela Los Cuatro Caminos

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