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For many of us, the process of discovering our gifts, has started from a place where we felt lost and hopeless, a place where we found ourselves under a lot of pain, were we lost life as we knew it. This is known as the Dark Night of the soul from the Hero’s Journey. 

In life we go through challenges, one way or another, and this is because we’ve chosen them as our spiritual growth field, and they will show up as processes of transformation. A process of separation, a process of initiation, and a process of return, and they become cyclical, we are always moving through them.

If we happen to be on a path that is not for us, there will come a time when we will realize it, there will be a call, the call of spirit, and it is up to us to answer this call; this is the initiation. Some people decide not to answer this call, and they will be the ones, to reach their death bed wishing they’ve had tried something, or done something different in their lives.

Thinking “I wish I’ve dared to answer the call”.

We have two main scenarios for the call of spirit and our growth as individuals, one is going through pain, the second is growing through insight. An environment might kick us out, and we are pushed into learning how to survive without that, which used to be normal, and from there we learn to transform and go beyond that imprint, which leads us to our gift, that which is intrinsic for us, that no one else has the way we have.

I remember feeling this Dark Night as losing everything, everything I owned, everything I believed, everything I even dreamed of, my identity was fading away, I was in a no man’s land. The sadness of a Dark Night can even come when there is nothing wrong in your life, but you are no longer yourself, your beliefs fall apart, and your identity dies.

 When going through a hard time, or a Dark Night leave aside the victimizing question’s:

Why me?

Who’s to blame?

What’s wrong?

Everything you experience is orchestrated to bring the best out of you, just like a diamond under pressure.

Go up the spiral of growth and evolution.

Ask yourself:

What quality do I need to give birth to have peace of mind, if these were to last forever?

Pull yourself out of wishful thinking. And know that all mystics love the Dark Night of the soul, as from this place they have risen. They have risen to be more of themselves, with an expanded awareness.

You will find a meaning, something bigger and greater than you. 

When going through your own experience of a Dark Night of the soul, allow yourself to feel it, and know that you will come out of it. Know for sure, something big, huge, way bigger than you, something amazing is going to come out of this.

Words you can speak out-loud could be: I don’t know why this is happening. But I know for sure, that something big, something huge, and bigger than me is going to come out of this. Declare it, and send the intention out to the Universe, that you will be transformed for the highest good of all. 

Take the gifts that you found about yourself and bring them into the world, share them, put them to the service of humanity, for the highest and greatest good of all. 

We are destined for something great, and we are given a blueprint on how to do it. Just ask yourself. All you need to know lies within you. What you are passionate about. What you’re good at. That which you want to change or you want to contribute to, that is a clue!


“You necessarily have to be lost before you’re found.”

T. Scott McLeod

From Love, 
We Can Shape
Our Worlds

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