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Oracle Reading

Through this sacred practice, we work with the divine, also known as your higher self.
An Oracle reading is a consultation tool for spiritual guidance, enabling you to connect to your own inner wisdom through a guided reading.

In this session, I will guide you to consult the Tarot cards, and together we will frame the questions that will best support you on your path.

45min reading.
55 USD

I will welcome you to the session.

Sacred space is opened as we tune into our intention of healing, and being in service, calling upon the highest vibrational energies to guide us and protect us during the reading. This will create a safe and stable environment to work.
Then I will open my personal sacred space, around myself and you, within this, resides a place outside of time, where all possibility exists, and healing occurs. We will open the dialogue for you to share what you would like to address in the session.
A type of reading will be chosen between a narrative spread, a past-present-future spread, a situation-problem-action spread, a You-Me-Us spread, an Option A – Option B – How to decide spread or any which I consider in best alignment for you at the moment.
The reading is performed, with space to ask, integrate, and embody.
At the end of the session, I will close my sacred personal space and close by releasing and thanking all the energies that assisted by holding space for the work.

  • 45-minute session.
  • A take-home practice to integrate the received message. Meditation, Ritual and/or Affirmation.


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24-Hour Risk Free Cancellation.
Note that this is a non-refundable service.

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