Shamanic Energy Healing service

Shamanic Energy Healing

Energy Medicine focuses on working directly with your Luminous Energy Field also known as light body or aura. Your LEF is composed by memories of personal and ancestral experiences, trauma from early life and wounds from former lifetimes. This sessions will upgrade the quality of your LEF by healing the imprints creating energetic conditions for Health.

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I will welcome you for the session it can last from 60 to 90 minutes.
Sacred space is opened as we tune into our intention of healing, and being in service, calling upon the highest vibrational energies from the Four Directions, Earth, and Heaven. This will create a safe and stable environment to work.

Then I will open my personal sacred space, around myself and you, within this, resides a place outside of time, where all possibility exists, and healing occurs. The dialogue of a Shamanic Energy Healing session is always opened by tuning in to what you would like to address in the session From there, you will be lying in a comfortable position as I “track” (read) your Luminous Energy Field (LEF), noticing what is needed. 

It could be reseting your nervous system, an energetic cleansing of you chakras, the removal of an intrusive energy and/or a Soul Retrieval. During the session you will be guided to focus on your breath, the sensations running though your body, or simply practicing awareness & stillness.
I will be using instruments such as my hands, feathers, bells, a pendulum, crystals, stones, and/or smudging.

At the end of the session I will close my personal sacred space and then close Sacred Space thanking for the space that was held, and I will release the Four Directions, Earth and Heaven.
To finish I will guide you to slowly come back to a sitting position and we will discuss what took place, in order to give you practices to support the healing, and suggest any follow-up sessions that could be needed such as an Illumination, Extraction and/or Soul Retrieval.

Descriptive example of an Illumination:
If I identify that there is a congested energy, creating an imprint on your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) I will proceed to spin the chakra counterclockwise to open it up. Guide you as the energy is being cleansed. Spin the chakra clockwise to rebalance the energy and reestablish the proper spinning direction. Note that as I work, I might describe what I am doing or I might remain silent. You might experience warmth on your body, tingling sensation, an emotional release or even a deep sense of relaxation.

Before & After Care:

Drink lots of water or hydrating fluids, it assist the body in eliminating toxins and energy. Eat as clean as you can, fruits and veggies help your body to be more in tune with nature and connected to the rhythm of the earth.

You might feel super energized or unusually tired; your LEF is rebalancing, and readjusting to the new you.
You might feel the need of having more quiet time, and meditating.
You might feel inspired, creative, clear, light and peaceful.

The healing journey will continue to unfold over the course of the next few days, weeks, and
even years.

  • Being held in a safe & supportive environment for healing.
  • Energy Healing work.
  • Discuss what took place to integrate the experience.
  • Practice to support the healing.
  • Suggestion of practices to support the healing process.


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