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Shamanism is a life path, in which the shaman is able to express the connection of the individual with everything all around: the elements, the stars, the moon, the sun, the plants, and all life. Whereas the roots of Astrology are known as a discipline where the sky is observed and the influence from the planets in human life is interpreted according to their position in the sky.

Shamanic Astrology is a tool for self-knowledge and self-discovery, when embarking on the journey of Shamanic Astrology it is essential to approach it from the values of shamanism and the spiritual essence present in it.

In Shamanic Astrology the Moon reveals the connection that is embodied amongst the human, the soul, and the cosmos, getting to know and exploring the lunar astrology existent in an individual is the first step into embarking on the journey of self-discovery; we as human beings come to this experience with a set of unconscious patterns which origins are rooted on our family history and our genealogy.

When consulting with a Shamanic Astrology practitioner, there will be a neutral reading, as for this approach there is no good or bad, nor are there any blockages, but rather there is free will for the individual to disarticulate whatever seems to be creating an imprint on his destiny. The natal chart becomes a powerful life map for the person who consults as it will reveal the sacred endeavor of the soul, in the need to create its own destiny, and for the individual to be able to embrace the love and freedom of life.

Connecting with the essence of our soul will be the need considered when performing a consultation. The essence of the soul holds all the wisdom we need in order to be guided to connect with our life mission, the needs of our heart, and our personal needs to cultivate health. In this approach health is understood as the coherence between what is felt in the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body, and sickness is seen as the lack of coherence in between thoughts, sayings, needs, and actions. 

This approach to health links us to the capacity of stepping fully onto our personal power, and into the role of co-creators with the Universe, being guided as humans to become our own greater cause, and living to the service of the call of the spirit, in coherence and in alignment with the permanent process of self-discovery.

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