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A soul loss experience occurs even without you knowing or noticing it.

Chances are you felt it , but you are not aware that it was actually a soul loosing experience. The feeling of it can be something like experiencing emotional pain from a loss, being caught in fear for a long time, having to agree to something which you were actually forced to in order to be able to continue living, and so many other experiences which scared a piece of your soul away in order for it to remain intact in it’s purest form.

The positive side is, whenever your soul has integrated the lessons of that challenging moment that you just went through, you, with the help, guidance and support of a Shaman, are able to retrieve this lost soul piece, bring it back, embrace it, and ask it to come back with you to your former lifetime experience. 

After 10 years, I realized one of the most shocking experiences I’ve had was back in my 18th birthday, when my pet of 10 years passed away, his name was Lucky, he had been my companion from my transition to child to teen, through so many ups and downs, he was my soul mate, and we could understand each other just by looking into each other’s eyes. 

He passed away unexpectedly, fell sick, went to the hospital, came back home to have a relapse and died on an ambulance on his way to the hospital, everything happened so fast, I remember being upset, angry at him for leaving and feeling a deep sorrow from knowing I would never see him again, without having had a chance to say goodbye.

My soul flew away immediately, no space for grieving. That inner little girl, who had wanted a dog so bad in her life, decided to leave from not being able to cope with such deep pain.

A couple days back as I met my Shaman for a healing session, we started talking about what ‘issue’ I would like to work with. I told her that for the last days I had been experiencing a deep sorrow that was familiar, but I wasn’t really sure where it came from, it was like a cloud that would come from time to time, and simply spend days over me. Even though mentally I knew there was nothing going on for me to feel that way, the feeling was as real as it could be.

I described the sensation, as a sadness that was wrapping me. Holding me tightly, a heaviness in my whole body, and a need to cry continuously for no apparent reason at all.

The session started with an Illumination, which brought to my affected chakras the purest form of light, in this case my heart and surprisingly for me my solar plexus. She moved on to perform a Soul Retrieval for me, and that’s when she found that little girl, who had escaped at the moment of dealing with grieve. And she was also able to see, that veil which I had been wearing for over 10 years, in order to not experience love again, in an attempt of not having to deal with the sadness and grieve of a big loss.

Since this session took place, I was able to understand that pain is inevitable, experiences of loss and grieve will happen to everyone, and it is our call to remain open hearted to love. I had chosen suffering, closing down my heart, and wearing an armor so that love couldn’t come in, and neither go out, hoping that I would never have to experience loss and grieve again.


“Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional”

From Love, 
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