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From a spiritual perception, before being born we get to choose our parents, siblings, environment to come into the world, community to develop our selves, and many other conditions; under which we come into this human experience. All of these will grant us that the primary source of learning, will be the one we are shaped by, and the one we must defy as we grow into adulthood.

From this starting point we are given a mask, a mask that will define us as whatever we are labeled by the good, the bad, the smart, the shy, the intellectual, the short, the fat, the sporty, etc.

This mask is given under specific cultural conditions, around things we do, around things we say, allowing us or limiting us. As a child, this mask becomes embodied as something that we learn to use in order to deserve and receive love, and then, without knowing we take it off as we touch things were not meant to touch, say things we are not meant to say, ask about topics we are not meant to talk about. We feel we don’t deserve or receive love when we remove our mask and step outside of that, which we are told we’re meant to be.

This mask is under woven to the feeling of deserving. Without knowing or noticing, our belief system is crafted, and we begin to relate this mask, to the conditions that connect us to deserving love, to deserving success, and to deserving anything our soul craves, from acceptance to recognition.

The mask for many years stays on us, as a way to protect ourselves, to find a way to deserve LOVE.

The challenge is, to dare to take the mask off.

A belief, is a statement about reality, that as individuals, we believe to be true. Beliefs usually come from the early stages of being a child, and the parenting we received. If for any reason during our childhood we were criticized, as grown-ups we end up concluding we are not good enough, if we didn’t receive love and affection we grow up believing that we are not worth loving, if we didn’t receive the attention we asked for, we grew up to believe that we are not important.

We might think that we “see” our beliefs in the world, but we actually can’t see them, as they have no shape, color, size, nor location, and they act as a filter to perceive.

To remove the mask, we must let go of our beliefs.

Remove the mask!

You deserve great things, ask for what you want!

You are important, speak up!


Think of beliefs, as shifters of consciousness, and allow them to be just like you; ever-changing. Now go back to your childhood and think of one belief you used to have, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies, you name it. And think of the moment when you realized they are “not real”. This itself was a change of belief, a change of paradigm, a shift in your perception.

Being willing to become an emotionally mature adult, is when we are willing to look at our belief systems and question them, from the Heart, and not the Ego.

Some of the most common beliefs we bring with us from the way we perceive situations in our childhood are:

I’m not important.

Mistakes and Failures are bad.

If I make a mistake or fail, I’ll be rejected.

I’m not worthy.

I’m inadequate.

I’m not capable.

I’m an accident.

There’s not enough food to go around.

We live in a limited Universe.

Abundance is only for a few.


Is any of this familiar to you?

Once again, beliefs come from our perception, and our perception comes from our own experience. We choose every day of our lives, what we want to believe, and how we want to perceive.

As we act from our belief system. Remind yourself, with every triggering situation, to chose a belief that empowers you, a belief that defies the situation from a place of love, from a place of compassion, from a place where you’re able to grow from and expand your consciousness.

And most important of all remember there are only learning opportunities, mistakes, and failures that are just an erroneous perception.


Let go off:

I will only be worthy of love if …

What you put after the if is not really what matters, but rather the if itself.

You are worthy of love! We are worthy of love!

You as you are, are intrinsically worthy of love!


Remove Your mask, Recover Your True Self.


It all comes back to Self Love.

When you have dealt with who you are, you love yourself.

You honor yourself, just as you are.

From Love, 
We Can Shape
Our Worlds

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